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BoomBox is one grooving duo, they throw the funk down between beats and guitar.  The duo formed back in 2004 and are up and coming quickly on the scene.  I just want to say the only way to describe the sound of these guys is: heady.  These get the party going and keep it jammin until the sun comes up.  If you’re looking for a band who throws down some funk while sticking to the roots check these guys out.  Oh and by the way, ever heard of The Mighty Pranksters? yeah, a little band called The Grateful Dead drove around with them during the sixties, the guitarist of BoomBox is a lovechild of one of the members of the pranksters.  They’re latest album downriverelectric is streaming for free here. Also, below are a few gems that I have rounded up.

BoomBox- Showboat

BoomBox- Watergun