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After an extremely successful Snowball 2011, the festival returns to Vail Valley, Colorado for another heady weekend. There had been some discussions and disputes earlier in the season regarding the possibility that there may not be another Snowball, due to the “negative image” it posed according to the quiet community of Avon last year.

Yet, ragers prevail…

With Rusko, Snoop Dogg and Bassnectar headlining, Snowball will be bringing some serious heat throughout the weekend. Here at DBTF we put together a solid list of artists that are a “must see” who will leave your fruit bruised yet fresh.

Day 1


The first artist I would like to draw your attention to is DubSkin, originating in Ft. Collins, CO est. 2006. DubSkin has become an influential component in the American reggae scene in the past couple years. With the combination of soulful vocals, conscious lyrics, catchy melodies and body moving rhythms, DubSkin is igniting a trail of their own in the scene.

check em out…

Warrior Stomp ft. Abstract Rude 

Helicopter Showdown

Are you ready to get down with the get down people? Next up we have Helicopter Showdown, a four person production from the Bay Area who have acquired the reputation in the underground bass music culture as the “Wu Tang” of Dubstep. Terrorizing the scene in the Bay Area for so long, Helicopter Showdown has been going nation wide to the East Coast and back. With multiple releases on Play Me Records brought to you by Reid Speed and Alexander Rosson, and Ultragore Records brought to you by Sluggo, Helicopter Showdown brings the West Coast swag to local turf near you.

The Terror 

The Wrestler 

Tally Ho (Helicopter Showdown Remix) 


Touring with the likes of Two Fresh, MiMOSA, the Glitch Mob, and of course Pretty Lights, declared by Pretty Lights Music, Snowball presents Gramatik. The Slovenian producer started familiarizing himself with music since the age of three as he would listen to his older sister’s radio and unlike other European artists, was heavily influenced by American music comprised of Funk, Jazz, Soul and the Blues. According to Twitter, the dude has a very special surprise for us this weekend d(*_*)b

Definitely going to be one hell of a party when this guy takes the stage.


While I Was Playin’ Fair


If you wanna get reallll wobbly with it give MartyParty a good look up and down. This guy just gets silly with it…He’s released 50 tracks in just two years for crying out loud.

Love Doctor


Major Lazer

DJ/Producers Diplo and Switch make up Major Lazer…nuff said. Bruising starts at 5:30pm on the Main Stage just before Big Boi and Rusko. Just a real classic way to get the fiesta a goin’!

Sound Of Siren Ft. M.I.A. & Busy Signal (Orignial Mix)

Pod de floor’

Day 2


It looks like we are starting Saturday off with some whacky tunes brought to you by Figure. Josh Gard from Eerie, Indiana has been in the music scene for a while now and more recently has been pumping some disgusting bass out of his monitors, it’s almost rude. Figure has become a regular name in Dubstep and Drumstep (some may even call it Flexstep, Destroy Step or Domination Step. I like to call it FilthStep) hitting high scores in Beatport’s top ten charts. Taking on the Groove Tent at 1:45pm, this set will be a necessity for making your day as reckless as possible.


Must Destroy

Pounds of Blood Ft. Tommy Lee

Gobstopper (Figure Remix)

*check in here to check out Trampled By Turtles…a MUST see*

Dada Life

Anyone wanna Do the Da Da? I do! I do! As far as dance music is concerned, this Swedish electro-house duo brings the fucking noise so hard. Dada brings such high energy to their live shows you will be botching it if you miss this one.

check out a preview of their new track ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’


Fight Club Is Closed (It’s Time For Rock ‘n’ Roll)

Unleash The F**king Dada (Original Mix)

White Noise/Red Meat

Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker (Original Mix)

Ghostland Observatory

Annnnd to wrap up Day 2 just before Snoop Dogg graces us with his presence, this interesting duo from Austin, Texas brings a different sound to Snowball. I would still consider Ghostland to be electro but the 80s style synths underlying the peculiar vocals creates a really unique, funky sound.  Bruisability is high, but I am willing to give these guys a peep, seems like they could be a nice segway into the big Dogg.


Stranger Love

Midnight Voyage

Give Me the Beat

Day 3

NiT GriT

To kick off Day 3 we have San Jose Dubstep producer Danny Beall aka NiT GriT tearing up the Groove Tent. NiT GriT integrates melodic tones accompanied by drawn-out fidgety bass wobbles that expose the dark side. He come on at 1:30pm, lets all get bruised up together and fucking rage!

Mr. Herman

The Mechanism Of Control

The Awakening

Heavy Machinery

Two Fresh

Immediately following NiT GriT in the Groove Tent, Two Fresh will be cooling it off bringing you instrumental hip-hop incorporating samples and catchy synth lines with a steady dub beat in the mix. *note: This will be a good time to change your underwear* This energetic trio is completed with the addition of Colby Buckler, who is regarded as one of the most tenacious drummers in the live electronic music scene today. No doubt Two Fresh will bring the jam.

Lab Coat Summer Sampler.zip


I first saw these guys at All Good Music Festival in 2009, had no idea who they were but they kicked off the weekend with so much intensity. Talking about straight groove, these guys will make you move.

Midnight On the Run




Second to last, and certainly not least, prior to Bassnectar closing out the weekend DallasK will be destroying shit in the Heat Hut. This 20 year old prodigy from Orlando, Florida has been producing music since he was 15. I started listening to this guy about a year ago and was hooked. DallasK has produced club, electro and hip hop and more recently has been focusing on energetic and glitchy electro house. He has bruised fruit along with Steve Aoki, Wolfgang Gartner and Nero and continues to produce and remix for big name artists. Watch out for this guy!

Leave the Wildcat Behind (DallasK Bootleg)

American Trash (DallasK Remix)

As We Enter (DallasK Remix)

Guilt (DallasK Remix)

                         “The Nectar”

May the encore commence. Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar will be closing out the festivities Sunday evening. I just put together a complimentary fruit basket for your bruising enjoyment to get pumped up for the grande finale. Bruise at will my friends.

Bassnectar Party Pack.zip