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It was a fantastic weekend up here in Vail. Snow Daze commenced as Guster, who I just don’t give two shits about, kicked the weekend off on Thursday, followed by Jakob Dylan and his band, Yukon Kornelius, and then The Polish Ambassador to close it out on Sunday. The Polish Ambassador, aka Ample Mammal, is a electronic music producer and DJ from Oakland, California. He attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and received his Marketing Degree. David Sugalski is a multi-genre musician and produces styles including electro, breaks, hip hop, glitch hop, funk and dub. For a Sunday night, the crowd was full of energy and The Ambassador with his 80s style ski suit made his presence electric. I would not have wanted to spend my last Sunday night before finals any other way. After the show I was fortunate enough to grab a brief interview with the guy…

DBTF: How much fun did you have tonight? Playing a show Sunday night in Vail could have had variable outcomes.

The Polish Ambassador:  Great energy, crowd was awesome, bumpin’ for a Sunday night, definitely on point.

DBTF: Who/what would you consider to be your greatest influences?

The Polish Ambassador: I would say old school hip hop, not hip hop like that, but hip hop that tells a story, pretty much anything that tells a story, all the funky stuff…

DBTF: How do you go about your sets, as far as mixing and planning goes?

The Polish Ambassador: Variable, everything is done on the fly. I open a folder and I go in on what I’m gonna start the night off with, keeps it fun.

DBTF: What’s rockin’ about The Polish Ambassador?

The Polish Ambassador: I started live two years ago in Oakland and everything you heard tonight was original. I’m always stoked to play.

So basically we concurred that The Polish Ambassador never botches it, but it’s cool if we do, just as long as nothing gets bruised.

Get tickets here for upcoming tour dates! And check out the rest of his website for more goods.