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Bedouin Soundclash is reggae band that hails from Toronto.  The sound is strongly influenced by classic reggae, which is accompanied by lead singer, Jay Malinowski’s calm and light lyrics.  I feel that this band is taking reggae forward, which is usually considered a stale genre by some.  I’m not going to say this band is ‘chill’ because it’s stupid, this band is great and talented and their laid-back style is flying under the radar. This band proves that reggae still has a future.  The videos below are of some great songs, a nice starter pack to get you started on the Bedouin band-wagon:

St. Andrews- Bedouin Soundclash

12:59 Lullaby- Bedouin Soundclash

Waiting For My Ruca (Sublime Cover)- Bedouin Soundclash