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*5th Symphony Intro*

Joey Youngman, aka Wolfgang Gartner, has dropped his first album ever, ‘Weekend In America’, out now on iTunes.  I have been listening to this genius, legend, prodigy, whatever you may call him, for some time now coming a long way since his epic 5th Symphony.  His production over the years has just seemed to become more and more complex, doing it with a whole lot of style.  The release of this album is just a real solid follow up of what Wolfgang has been up to in the past year releasing Space Junk, Illmerica, Animal Rights w/ Deadmau5 and Undertaker.  My personal favorite track off this album is ‘Forever’ featuring Will.i.Am.  This track incorporates all of Wolfgang Gartner’s styles into one with a bone crushing bass line and high pitch tones which will make your head spin every which way.  Joey always described his music as being from outer space, some extra terrestrial life portrayed through his production.  Featuring Eve, Jim Jones, Cam’ron, Will.i.Am, and Omarion, Wolfgang Gartner presents his ‘Weekend In America’ to us all.

Here are a couple previews…

Space Junk
Forever feat Will.i.Am
Shrunken Heads
The Champ